Steps for Animation video production

Step 1
Initial Exploration

Research and careful consideration are the foundation of your successful ad campaign. Make sure you look into any and all angles and concepts that you can use in your explainer video. It is important to brainstorm ideas and concepts that will resonate with your target consumer demographic.

Step 2
Quotation & Payment

Based on your requirement and our discussion, we give you quotation, and we expect payment from your side, so that we can initiate a project and proceed to next step.

Step 3
Script Writing

Having a script of what you want to say to your audience is very important to any marketing campaign. Professional script writers are there to help you come up with a catchy script and work along side you to make and changes or revisions you may want or need.

Step 4

A storyboard is used to develop the important visual concepts of your video. This is done using “color, imagery, and metaphor”. Once you have decided on the word based line-up a complex visual line-up can be created. A storyboard will help give you a rough idea of what your explainer video will look like.

Step 5
Voice Recording

Although the visual is the most resonate part of your explainer video, choosing the right voice over can have enormous effect as well. Voice actors are hired to literally speak the life into your explainer video. Voice actors will work with you to make sure the voice over has the intended desire and affect you want.

Step 6
Animation and Review

Before your video is complete you need to deal with the animation and review. This covers timing, and transitions to make sure your video plays the way you want it to. The final review give you a chance to go over any last minute changes you may want to add or subtract.

Step 7

Congratulations, your video is now ready to enter the stages of post production. After you and your team have made all and any necessary adjustments to you video it finally ready to be compiled into multiple formats. You are now ready to launch you successful marketing campaign along with your explainer video to ensure the successful marketing and sale of your product or service.

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